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What is the Rule of 52 and 17 That Increases Productivity?

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Summary: Have you ever wondered what the rule of 52 and 17 is? Do you want to know how it can increase your productivity? If so, you have come to the right place.

Do you know that you can be more productive at the office compared to what you are doing right now by following one simple rule? It really is possible, even if you are already a pretty productive person. So, wouldn’t you want to be as productive as possible at the office? It could mean the difference between sticking with a company for a prolonged period and having to find a new job within a year or two of being hired. That one simple rule is the rule of 52 and 17. We will discuss the rule in this post so you can put it to good use at the office.

One of the most important things workers need to realize is that they need to take breaks from their work in order to perform better on the job. In fact, it has been discovered that workers who spend a strong 52 minutes on a project and then take a 17-minute break, tend to succeed much more at work. To take this a step further, the most effective employees do not work eight-hour days. Working smarter and more effective is better than working longer hours.

The next thing you must take into account with this rule is that when you take your 17-minute break, you actually need to be resting. Since the 52 minutes of work is more like a sprint to the finish line, you need to rest during the 17 minutes. This means that you should not be on the phone texting, checking emails, or posting to Facebook. You need to remove yourself from work and from any other distractions. Take a brisk walk outside, have a sensible snack or sit in the kitchen of the office to get away from others.

If you would prefer to talk with co-workers during your 17-minute break, then make sure the conversation is not about work or anything happening at the office. You can discuss the news, sports, weather and family life with co-workers, but absolutely refrain from talking about work during the break.

The rule of 52 and 17 is not set in stone, so if 17 minutes seems to be too much time per hour to go on a break, then consider taking less time per hour for a break. But, you need to make sure that you are taking a break at least once per hour in order to be as productive as possible while at work. But, you must remember that no one can be 100 percent productive throughout the day. It is just not possible.

What is the Rule of 52 and 17 That Increases Productivity? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo