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How to Embark on a Loss Prevention Job in Houston?

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Loss prevention jobs are exciting, challenging, and satisfying. Furthermore, infinite opportunities await the gifted and competent people who want to enter this field, committed to stop the shoplifters from stealing the merchandise of the stores that they frequent. With a surfeit of big retailers in Texas, loss prevention jobs in Houston are on the increase.

The main reason for the spurt in such jobs is that shoplifting has become the country’s number one property crime and nearly ten in every hundred Americans shoplift. What is even more worrying is that nearly a quarter of them are children. To give you an understanding of the enormity of the crime, each year it causes retailers across the country an estimated $20 billion in stolen merchandise, making employment of loss prevention officers an imperative part of any retail outlet.

Whilst it is important to prosecute habitual offenders vigorously, first time shopliftersor children who succumb to temptation or do it as a dare have to be handled differently. Getting caught is a humiliating and hugely embarrassing experience and loss prevention officers should have the temperament and ability to deal with the children tactfully but help them realize the seriousness of their misdemeanor and never do it again.

The prime duty of the loss prevention officers is to prevent shoplifting, be it by outsiders or people working within the premises. This they do by keeping an eagle eye on the people entering and exiting the store, by checking dressing rooms, monitoring all physical spaces, and keeping a tab on all people behaving suspiciously. In case they do catch an offender, it will be their duty to detain them, interrogate them,and apprise them of the seriousness and legal consequences of their actions.

Officers may also be required to check the integrity and trustworthiness of employees by providing suspect employees with chances to pocket money and goods and see if they succumb to the temptations. Furthermore, if the matter escalates to such an extent that it is taken to the court of law, the loss prevention officers will be expected to work with law enforcement officers and other legal professionals who come into the picture. They may even be required to testify against the offender to get a verdict in favor of the company.

Moreover, these jobs do not require very high educational qualifications. A high school diploma or a GED certificate is normally enough. The more important requirement is that the candidate must not have any criminal record and should be able to pass any background check. Most employers train their new hires and apprise them of the specific needs of their respective businesses. Pay is also relatively good with the average hourly pay being in the realm of $10.65 an hour, which of course will vary according to skills, experience, and the place of work.

Considering that GIS officers will enjoy a good quality of life and Houston is a great city with a strong culture and a safe environment, loss prevention jobs in Houston can be a decisive career decision.

How to Embark on a Loss Prevention Job in Houston? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes