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Who Can Help My Career? All of the People on This List

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How to Find a Job Through Networking

Summary: Have you ever asked yourself the question in the title of this post? Well, we will help you answer it so you can begin furthering your career using their help.

There are six people you come across each day who can help you with your career. These six people should be kept close as you build a relationship with them throughout the years. When the time comes, you might need their help one day to further your career. If you can, find one person from each category to add to your contacts list and even your professional network so you can build professional and personal relationships with them.

The Connector

Who is the connector? The connector is someone who knows a ton of people in various places. Even though we wanted to leave these people behind after leaving high school and college, it is still important to build a relationship with someone like this in your professional career. This person will be able to introduce you to various people within your industry and might even be able to set you up with a job down the road.

The Finance Guru

You should always build a relationship with someone who is smarter than you when it comes to finance. When you have a strong relationship with someone who is financially smart, it will have a good impact on your finances. We tend to listen to what our friends say and we even tend to do as they do, which is why it is good to have a finance guru in your pack of friends.

The Mentor

A mentor is someone who has inspired you in your career from the very beginning. It can be someone who has been with you since college. Have coffee every so often, or exchange emails or texts when possible. If the mentor is in your office, this is even better. He or she will be able to guide you through the corporate culture, help with ideas and help you solve issues with co-workers.

The Innovator

It is important for you to keep connected with the person from your industry who is always on the edge of something new. Knowing an innovator in your industry and having a relationship with him or her can help your career immensely. The innovator might ask you to take part in a project one day.

The Leader

Surround yourself with successful people, specifically leaders. Leaders are people you respect and only have a business relationship with, not a friendly one. These are people whom you should look up to at work.

A Friendly Enemy

What exactly is a friendly enemy? A friendly enemy is someone who is on the same career path as you, but you enjoy each other’s company. Keep this person in your contacts and build a relationship with them because it will help you in your career. You will be pushed to perform at your best level when you have a relationship with a friendly enemy at work.

Who Can Help My Career? All of the People on This List by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo