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Top 6 Job Interview Questions and Responses

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Practice your responses to common interview questions and you'll face less pre-interview stress

Most of us are nervous when it comes to going on an interview. For many people, just feeling more prepared can put them at ease. One of the ways that you can prepare for an interview is to formulate answers to some of the more common interview questions. Below I have listed some of these common questions and hints on how to best answer them.

1. “What specific strengths do you think you can bring to this position?” Be specific in your answer to this question. Give examples of what you have done in your previous job(s) rather than what you “think” you can do in the future. After each specific example, tell them how you think it might relate to their needs.

2.”How long would you stay with us?” Be careful to avoid making any promises you might not be able to keep. It is better to tell them what basic things you need such as challenging work and advancement opportunities, etc. Communicate that you are willing to stay as long as your employment relationship is mutually satisfactory.

3.”In your last job, what did you like the most? The least?” Give examples of what you liked and disliked about your previous positions. Phrase your answers in the most positive manner possible. Being overly negative is a sure way to scare off a potential employer. Remember to be honest – you want to be happy in your new position.

4.”Give me an example of a time when you needed to adjust to a change quickly. What did you do and how did it turn out?” Many interviewers use a method called behavioral screening. This means that the interviewer wants to know what actual past experiences you have had in relation to the questions asked. When you respond to interview questions phrased like the example above, include the following types of information: 1) Brief description of the problem or situation, 2) Your actions, and 3) Results of action. This is a great way to communicate what you can do for a potential employer.

5.”What do you picture yourself doing 5-10 years from now?” Take time before you go on a interview to think through your goals for the future. After answering this question, be sure to tell the interviewer that you are flexible to consider the advantages of other opportunities that might present themselves.

6.”Why haven’t you found a job sooner?” Always try to answer this type of question in a calm and positive manner. Tell the interviewer that you want to be sure a position is the right fit and something you can really commit to before accepting it. It can be helpful to point out the steps you have taken in your job search.

There are many other types of questions that you might be asked in the interview. Some of them may seem a bit absurd, but nonetheless, require an answer from you. In order to prepare you (so at least you won’t laugh), I have included a couple of my favorites:

  • “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?”,
  • “What is your favorite color?”,
  • “What was the last book you read?”,
  • “Do you prefer to work with people?” and
  • “What did you have for breakfast?”

But my all-time favorite is:

“What do you bring with you in your personal knapsack?”

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