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The Top 10 Companies Most Likely to Hire You in 2015

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Top 10 Companies Most Likely to Hire You in 2015

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to land a job, we can help you get a good start. Who’s hiring, who’s not? A germane question, and one we have the answer to. We have listed ten top hiring companies who are planning on taking on more staff this year. Read up on what each company has to offer: you might find the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, or at least the right direction to start looking in.

  1. AlphaSights

AlphaSights hooks businesses up with the specialized knowledge they need for their industry. Their interest is to get people connected with the information they need to succeed in the business world. That is why they are planning on adding up to 125 new employees in the beginning of 2015. They are interested in a wide range of people including analyst positions, client services, and people operations. They have offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, and Dubai, so if you live nearby, check it out.

  1. Contently

Contently is a site that connects publishers and independent journalists, giving guidance and direction for those writers seeking employment. They are looking to grow in sales this year, and this from entry level to senior management roles, as well as marketing positions and more. Click here for Contently job openings.

  1. Counsyl

Counsyl helps doctors and patients discuss medical results in real time, letting people learn about what medical testing means, and explaining the results to them. They are looking for people to fill product development positions, R&D, clinical lab, marketing roles, and administration positions.

  1. Handy

Handy allows customers find the right help for plumbing, painting, cleaning, or any other number of services, giving services in Boston, New York, and other major U.S. cities so that customers can list the service they require, the time they prefer, and the money they want to pay. Handy does the rest in terms of background checks and finding the best deal. They are looking for up to 35 people in engineering, operations and finance.

  1. Magnetic

Magnetic does research to help brands and companies learn how their advertising is working for them, helping them make the most of it in getting the clients they want. They are adding 30 people in early 2015, and more afterwards, especially in sales and data departments. Click here for openings.

  1. PaperG

PaperG is an advertisement company for online advertising, seeking to reduce costs in how they distribute ads. They are looking to hire up to 30 people in early 2015, especially UX/UI designers and front-end engineers.

  1. Social Tables

This business helps manage hospitality events for the likes of Hyatt Hotel Corporation, Goldman Sachs, and many others, providing tables and logistics for guest planning. They are looking for people in their D.C. office including account management, customer service, marketing, engineering, and operations. Click here for job openings.

  1. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor makes finding hotels and vacation spots easy, with reviews and photos to help users pose their questions, find what they are looking for, and even book a trip. They are looking to hire hundreds of people this year, especially product, engineering, SEO, and sales.

  1. Virool

Virool offers anyone using the internet to distribute YouTube videos through online publishers. To further their business, they are hiring up to 40 new people for sales, advertising operations, and engineering. Find Virool job openings here.

  1. ZocDoc

ZocDoc helps patients find the right doctor: local, insurance compliant, and with favorable reviews; and it even lets them book appointments on its site. They are looking for a wide variety of candidates in their NYC and Phoenix offices, as well as management and sales in other cities around the U.S. and throughout the world.

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Authored by: Daniel June