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How Do You Choose the Career That is Right for You?

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How Do You Choose the Career That is Right for You?

Question: I am very confused about a career choice. How do you choose the career that is right for you? What if you know that you aren’t exactly stellar in a specific area? Could you still try to go for a career in that field?

– Tami, Las Vegas

Tami: The most fulfilling career choices tend to result from a combination of a person’s interests and skills. Just because you aren’t stellar at something doesn’t mean that you should automatically eliminate the option. There are varying degrees of skill level required for career success.

Skills can be developed and enhanced with training and practice. You might also add a complementary skill set to create a more marketable package. For example, if you were interested in pursuing a technology-related career, but your existing skills aren’t that strong, you might take courses and work or volunteer in a setting where you could gain experience applying computer skills. In addition, if you had strong interpersonal and customer-service skills, you might aim for a supervisory customer-service position in which you would use your technology skills, but secondarily, to complement your supervisory skills.

The worst-case scenario is to pursue something that you neither like nor are particularly good at. As you focus in on your career options, read everything you can and talk to people in the field you are considering for clues that will help you decide if you are on a promising path. To the degree that your schedule permits, “try on” various jobs and work settings through part-time, volunteer or contract work.

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