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How Can You Tactfully Increase Your Salary Requirement in an Interview?

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Increasing the salary requirement during an interview needs to be done tactfully

Question: In a recent interview, the hiring manager asked about my salary requirements. I understated my value (probably by $10,000 to $15,000) based on my current salary. How do I tactfully increase my requirement when an offer’s tendered without damaging my credibility?
– Darrin, St. Louis

Darrin: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Although you have diminished your bargaining power, the negotiating process is just beginning. You can still negotiate upward when you receive the offer, assuming you have done your research and that your counteroffer realistically reflects the value you bring to the company. You might indicate that, in your eagerness to accept the position, you stated the absolute baseline salary you could accept. After careful review of the full package you’d like to suggest a figure that you believe more accurately reflects your worth based on your expertise and the specific contributions you will make to the company.

Be sure to consider two other areas in your negotiations: expanded benefits (e.g. more vacation, tuition reimbursement) and an early performance review with the potential for increased compensation. All of this must be couched, of course, within the context of your enthusiasm for the position and your value to the company. Fortunately, this is a mistake you’re likely to make only once.

How Can You Tactfully Increase Your Salary Requirement in an Interview? by
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