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Recently Retired but Wants to Start Executive Temping Work

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Recently retired but want to start working again? It is possible.

Question: I retired two years ago after spending 30 years in advertising. Most of this experience was in client services with one large multinational ad agency. I held senior assignments in international operations, and was a CEO of our Asian operation for an extended period. I’d be very interested in working as a marketing-management temp, but I’m not sure this category exists. I had in mind short-term assignments in corporate marketing departments. My experience is so broad that I could easily function in virtually any capacity. Any guidance?
– Vince, San Diego

Vince: Executive temping does exist and it’s a fast-growing field. Many traditional temporary-placement firms are filling these positions, but agencies have emerged worldwide that specialize in working with senior-level candidates.

Recently Retired but Wants to Start Executive Temping Work by
Authored by: Granted Contributor