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How Should I Follow-up after a Job Interview?

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How should I follow-up after a job interview?

Question: I recently relocated and began a job search as a marketing/advertising/promotions director. I have 18 years’ experience in these fields, and I think I’ve found the ideal job. At my third interview, I was told the hiring decision would be made within 10 days, or maybe a week later. Both interviewees were vague as to the specific date. I sent follow-up letters immediately after the interview, then waited and waited. Twelve days later, I called my original contact (and co-decision maker) to let her know I was still very interested in the position, and again asked when I could expect a decision. Again, her answer was vague: “We’ve been crazy-busy, but hopefully [the decision-makers and I] will meet before the end of this week or early next week.” It’s now a week later, and I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

— Patty, Knoxville, Tenn.

Patty: Persistent, professional follow-up is always OK. Hiring decisions often are dragged out as managers attempt to solicit input from colleagues (both to determine fit and to cover their own behinds). Sometimes, they just don’t have funding approval yet. A friendly call every five to eight business days or so re-emphasizes your interest and keeps your candidacy at the forefront. It’s usually best to call late in the day and toward the end of the week, when everyone’s guard is down and they’re more apt to share inside info with you.

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