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How to Get Your First Promotion in 3 Easy Steps

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Here's how you can get your first promotion at work.

We all want to get that first promotion so that we are no longer at the bottom of the totem pole. And the extra money is a bonus too. But how do we prove to our employer that we have put in the necessary grunt work to be worthy of a step up from that entry-level position? Here are three easy steps:

First, demonstrate that you have earned it. Learn all that you can about your department and company. When you understand how your company works, then you can be an asset in helping it grow. Also stay up-to-date on your industry advancements so that you can be prepared to show your employer how committed you are. Take the jobs that no one else wants to. This action will stand out to your employer. Fight for yourself and make a strong case by providing examples of your accomplishments within the company. If you can, assign a dollar value to your accomplishments and explain how they have benefited the company.

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Second, determine who can give you the promotion. This individual is not always your boss. As you work hard to stand out, make sure you are doing so in front of the right people. The right individual will be someone with power and authority to promote you. Develop an honest relationship with them by learning about what is important to them and the company. People like to help those that first help them, so if you can show that individual how you can help them succeed, then they will be willing to help you succeed.

Lastly, now that you know who can give you that coveted promotion, be seen by them. Participate in any company training or skill workshops and attend any social events. Show up to everything that you can to demonstrate your level of commitment to the company. In addition, increase your work performance, so that when the time does come down to your work being reviewed, it will be a no-brainer because of your excellent performance and over the top commitment.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin