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Companies That Make Food Part of the Schedule

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lunch at work

Summary: Is food your passion? Find a company that shares that passion in their everyday operations. There are plenty of options in different industries so that you can find the right match for you.

Who wouldn’t love a job that emphasizes the use of food? While I’m sure you know that most companies have an occasional potluck or an annual holiday party, there are some companies out there that have Fresh Fruit Mondays and food truck competitions. It is a well-known fact that happy workers are more productive. Below are some companies that use food to keep their employees happy and engaged.

  • ZeroCater is an app-based company located in San Francisco. They are a catering business for companies. They balance the dietary needs and budget to provide a company with menus from local vendors. If you work for ZeroCater, many of your employee benefits deal with food. The company takes lunch outings for wine tasting in Napa Valley, caters daily lunches, and gives a $500 allowance to attend cooking classes.
  • Paypal is a way to send and receive payments online or with an app. The cafeteria at Paypal serves fresh organic food every day and holds a farmers market every Wednesday for employees to get some grocery shopping done.
  • is the world’s largest online provider of custom window treatments. Employees at get to enjoy Fresh Fruit Mondays as well as plenty of cake and candy parties. Every Friday is reserved for a team communication meeting where they celebrate accomplishments with cake.
  • Fishbowl is a restaurant marketing platform that searches for ways to encourage people to go out for food through social media and other engagement testing. Fishbowl hosts bagel Fridays, parties and other events to keep their employees happy and satisfied. They even host a Thanksgiving potluck where pilgrim costumes are included.
  • Cover’s mission is to provide customers with an easy way to pay for the meals at restaurant with an easily used app. Employees share a passion for food by often grabbing a bite to eat together at one of their partner restaurants. The company also hosts a dinner at a restaurant large enough to fit all their employees just to welcome new employees.
  • GlobalGiving helps members of a community raise money to implement ideas that can solve problems in that community. The company hosts competitions for employees to show their culinary skills like chili and Mexican cook-offs. GlobalGiving even has a food truck contest for the employees that might not be the best cooks, but know good food when they taste it.
  • Bionest Partners specializes in life science strategy consultations. Weekly, Bionest Partners host a lunch called “BLTs” or Bionest Lunch Talks for employees to socialize over good food.
  • TNTP is working to end educational inequality by helping schools, districts, and states develop great teachers to hold on to. TNTP has frequent potlucks and an annual holiday bake-off.
  • Lyft helps users by allowing them to request a ride using an app and receive one from a friendly driver within minutes. Lyft provides healthy and fresh lunches five days a week for its employees. It also keeps the kitchens stocked with good food and drinks. They have a weekly tradition of Bagel Wednesdays, and employees regularly go out for drinks at the brewery across the street after work.
  • Pinsight Media+ is powered by Sprint. It connects brands and mobile users through advertising, mobile commerce, special offers and other services. The company keeps a stocked kitchen with snacks and treats.

In order to get a job at one of these companies, you will need to make sure you write an excellent cover letter and resume.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin