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Traveling Jobs Are Possible to Find

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Summary: It may seem that traveling jobs are hard to find but here are some other options that not everyone thinks about or pursues.

Who doesn’t like to travel? Being able to explore and experience a new place every day can be a dream job for some. Here are 13 jobs you can explore where traveling is required.

  • Travel industry – This is an obvious career field but there are several options within it. You can be a flight attendant, pilot, cruise ship worker, or train attendant. These jobs pay you to travel and then you can choose to take time at each destination to explore.
  • Recruiter – This job requires traveling to colleges and universities around the world to find the best talent in athletics, academics, and professional. There is a peak season where you will be traveling nonstop and an off-season where you will spend more time in the office.
  • Sales – You need to search for the right sales job. Working for pharmaceutical sales will give you the opportunity to travel around your assigned territory. Depending on the size of the company this travel may be in the form of flying to different states each week or just driving to different cities in your area.
  • Consultant – With this job you will provide expert advice to companies. Since you will be working with several companies, you can travel from city to city to visit each one and stay for however long each company needs your expertise.
  • Teach English – English teachers are in demand all over the world and most don’t require a teaching degree. You won’t be traveling to a new place each week but you will have the weekends to explore the immediate area and take quick trips to nearby areas.
  • Au pair – Trade your domestic skills for a small salary and free lodging. Commonly, au pairs are nannies that are expected to teach the children and accompany the family during their own travel.
  • Travel writer – If you love to write and love to travel then combine the two passions and be a travel writer. In order to be successful at this you have to explore the less traveled areas of top destinations and even the less desired destinations.
  • Reporter- You can volunteer to work overseas with a foreign branch of a U.S. media company. Knowing another language may be helpful but not necessarily required.
  • Diplomat – There is a variety of jobs in this field, including healthcare specialists and administrative assistants. Many diplomats serve as foreign service officers and are required to take a foreign service exam.
  • Auditor – You will be sent to different locations to check records and statements of companies for accuracy. Depending on the company you work for will determine how far your travels will take you.
  • Volunteer – The job may not be paid to start with but the opportunities are endless. Starting out volunteering can lead to some paid positions, although most won’t be a high salary. Look into organizations like the Peace Corps if you want to be traveling.
  • Photographer – This job can be very difficult to become successful in and take a great amount of time. Start with freelance work photographing for an ad or a destination wedding.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin