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5 Tips for First Time Managers

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first time manager

Summary: Use your daily experiences to be a good manager that leads a successful team, and never rule anything out.

You finally got that promotion at work to management but now you don’t know what to do. You know what kind of manager you don’t want to be – the micro-manager or hands-off boss. You only seem to remember what you didn’t like about previous bosses instead of the good qualities to use as guidance for yourself. It can be overwhelming to be a manager for the first time but we have gathered five tips to help you out:

1. Make Your Expectations Clear – Meet with your boss to lay down performance expectations for yourself as the manager and the new roles and responsibilities that come with it. Have the same discussion with your team so that they clearly understand what success looks like. Make career goals with each team member. Now is the time to share what you will not tolerate like being late.

2. Use Training and Mentorship – Being a manager throws you into new challenges and experiences that you might not be prepared for. Use the Human Resources department to help you navigate tough situations, give feedback, monitor performance, and hold difficult conversations.

3. Be Confident – Make decisions, even if they are not the popular choice by your team. You were promoted to be the leader that makes the best choices for the company not a friend. You were chosen by the leadership of the company because they believed in your abilities.

4. Adjust Your Management Style Accordingly – The manager you want to be may not be the manager that your team needs. A style of management that you may detest could be what your team or members of your team need to be successful. Consider the amount of experience a team member has when leading.

5. Be a Team – You do well if your team does well. Take the time and effort to understand their needs. Determine if there are resources that can help them grow or things to help them do better.


5 Tips for First Time Managers by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin