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10 Words Not to Use in Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn profile

Summary: A LinkedIn profile is a place to stand out from the rest of those in your industry. Use visual examples of your qualities instead of using the same cliché words that everyone else uses.

How many times have you seen a resume with the words motivated, passionate, and creative? Have you noticed how these words have lost their meaning because of their overuse? A resume should be very similar to your LinkedIn profile since many hiring managers will check it when reviewing your resume to see what how in-touch you are with the career industry.

To better show how creative and motivated you are, find ways to show that you are creative, motivated, and passionate. By creating an online portfolio, you can upload documents to show your creativity on projects or the above and beyond effort you put into a presentation. Visual representations can show potential employers what you are actually capable of instead of just describing something that can get lost in translation.

Include a strong headline for your profile that makes them want to learn more about who you are and what you do. Use industry buzzwords with restraint and include them in your skills section of your profile. Listing skills on your profile makes your profile 13 times more likely to be viewed.

LinkedIn Buzzwords for 2014

  1. Motivated
  2. Passionate
  3. Expert
  4. Responsible
  5. Creative
  6. Organizational
  7. Strategic
  8. Extensive experience
  9. Driven
  10. Track Record

If you end up using any of these words, be prepared to back them up with proof. Continually update your profile as you add new skills or experiences. Share status updates, give your opinion on industry related news, and publish content on your profile. These simple acts are another way to show how motivated and passionate you are.


10 Words Not to Use in Your LinkedIn Profile by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin