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The Best Ways to Attract Recruiters with Your LinkedIn Profile

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Summary: A LinkedIn profile is meant to be used as an interaction and connection network with others in your professional industry.

There is an unfortunate trend of many professionals not keeping up with their LinkedIn profiles until they have to. That time when they need a new job either out of boredom or necessity is the only push that gets many to get back on to their profile and try to update it like crazy.

In order to get recruiters looking at your profile now and instead of when you are desperate, use these six tips to keep your profile in tip-top shape.

  1. Utilize a keyword strategy- LinkedIn’s search is similar to any search engine optimization. Names, skills, and any other desired words that may appear in a profile can be searched so they need to be chosen carefully. Try to imagine how you think recruiters would search and find your name. You can always use a job posting that interests you to find keywords to use. Be sure to make the keywords appear in such a way that recruiters would be searching such as “digital marketer” instead of “digital marketing”.
  2. Have a photo- A profile photo is a must. A photo can help you stand out and it can also demonstrate to recruiters your activity level on the platform. A photo that relates to what you do is important.
  3. It is all about you- Vanity is okay in this instance. Create a URL that uses your name so that it can appear in a Google search of you. If your URL is already taken, add another word to your name that relates to what you do such as “QueenMarieAntoinette”.
  4. Collect recommendations- Get as many recommendations as you can. Ask people you have worked with but don’t be pushy. For those that are willing, provide them with all the information they need to make it easy for them. Having any recommendations is a good sign that someone cares enough about you to write one.
  5. Build connections- The more connections you have, the more chances you will have of showing up in a hiring manager’s search. Carefully plan out who would make good connections and approach each one with a custom connection request. Don’t immediately ask for the connection but instead start with a conversation starter like a question or comment about their work. The same goes for groups on LinkedIn.
  6. Actively engage- Once you get our profile going, don’t just let it sit by the wayside and gather dust. Share content that is relevant to your industry or comment on those that others share. Interaction is a big part of making your profile attractive to recruiters.


The Best Ways to Attract Recruiters with Your LinkedIn Profile by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin