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Work-Life Balance Promotes Healthy Work Careers

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work-life balance

Summary: Finding the proper balance of work and life will allow you to be prepared for more responsibilities and promotions.

With work and life being busy and full of stress, it is easy to believe that around 40 percent of all work-related illnesses are from stress, anxiety, and depression. These factors contribute to burnout and a lack of motivation to go above and beyond. In order to find balance in work and life, we need to be using these seven tips.

  1. Enjoy the little things- A little thing can be sitting and enjoying a hot beverage of choice in the mornings before or at work. Take five minutes to relax and savor the moment. Another way to enjoy life is to take a night each week to do something for yourself whether it be going to see a movie or getting drinks with friends.
  2. Manage time well- Time management at work will allow you to finish your work at work without having to take it home. Not having to take work home with you will give you more freedom and relaxation to do things you enjoy without being overly stressed. Don’t let yourself get caught up on the easier tasks and give yourself time for the most important tasks.
  3. Know when to stop- There is always going to be something else you can do at work whether it is make another phone call, type up another memo, or finalize a project. Working late hours is fine when you really need to but don’t make it a daily habit. Pick one day a week to work til 8 or 9 pm but keep the other days at 5pm so that you can maintain that healthy balance.
  4. Take pride in your achievements- While there are things that might not get done or receive as much attention as needed, there are still numerous things you did do and get done each day. Place more focus on the successes of each day and week instead of dwelling on the short comings. Do the same thing with the members of your team to make sure employee morale is being boosted.
  5. Disconnect after clocking out- Once you step away from your desk and go home for the night, take your mind with you. Don’t leave your mind dwelling on work things and instead place its focus on home. This may mean turning off your email notifications or setting a time when to stop calling clients.
  6. Use vacation days- You don’t have to take vacations days at a fancy tropical resort. Take the days to relax at home and finish some home improvement projects or visit local museums and other attractions that you have been too busy to see.
  7. Companies and countries understand the benefit of keeping employees happy and healthy. The UK allows employees to request a change to their schedules based on their needs. This means they can telecommute, change hours to avoid rush-hour, or whatever their needs may be.


Work-Life Balance Promotes Healthy Work Careers by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin