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Resume Secrets to Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

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Summary: Writing a strong resume is one of the toughest challenges to overcome because so much depends on it. Here are some secrets to make it easier.

Resumes may seem unimportant since they get glanced over so quickly, but this is what makes them even more important. Not to put the pressure on you, but your resume has to be perfect every time to even have a chance of making it to the next level.

One resume does not work for every job application. You can keep one resume to work from that houses all your credentials and accomplishments that you narrow down to fit the job description.

Sending in a resume that is irrelevant to the job will guarantee that your resume gets tossed immediately. It is perfectly understandable for your previous jobs not to match a posting so this is where you follow the 80/20 rule. With this rule you should be making 80 percent of your bullet points align with the intended position and 20 percent on the supporting details from previous work.

Resumes are one area that follows the guideline of past success being an indicator of future success. Take advantage of this and brag a little about any big accomplishments you had at a previous job. These should be represented in any way that you bring value to the table, not just the numbers you brought in or increased sales by.

Address your resume to the future instead of writing in the past. Pack up you accomplishments with how it affected you or the company.

Create a strong opening statement that is direct and clear. Some call this statement a sales statement because you are attempting to sell yourself to the company by quickly describing your credentials over the competition.

Always address what you can do for the company since this is ultimately what they are looking for. They want to hire employees that benefit the company. They are not interested in benefiting their employees.

Spell-check is not a guarantee and will only pick up the obviously miss-spelled words. Read over your resume several times to make sure you have used the correct words and are not missing any crucial words. Have someone else read it to double check.

Be yourself in your resume. Don’t try to express yourself as someone that you are not because that will only lead to disaster. Surprisingly, many hiring managers can pick up when someone is acting fake and if you make it past that and get hired, you will be miserable trying to keep up the act.


Resume Secrets to Give Yourself a Fighting Chance by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin