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7 Ways to Know You Are in the Right Career

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love your job

Summary: Knowing you actually enjoy your job can be hard to determine since the perfect job is hard to find for everyone but here are seven signs that will help you see that your job isn’t so bad.

The average American will spend 9-10 hours each day at work. Now imagine spending that much time each day at a job that makes you miserable. Finding a job that makes you happy is not that hard and quite often we don’t realize we enjoy our job. We tend to focus on the negative, even when they are small things compared to all the positives of a job. Here are seven signs to know if you have found the right job.

  1. Sunday blues

A good sign that you like your job is when Sunday rolls around and you don’t get anxiety thinking about Monday. If you only dread going to work the next day because you would rather spend the day watching episodes of your favorite TV show then you are doing fine.

  1. Extra effort

Every job has parts of it that we don’t like but when those extra challenging efforts are part of the big picture of the job that we will do, then the job isn’t so bad. If we would rather opt out of participating in the tougher tasks then there might be a problem.

  1. One with the company

When you feel connected to the ups and downs of the company then you know that you care and enjoy the job.

  1. Can afford things you want

While money is not the only factor of enjoying your job, it often times helps. When you can finally afford the things you have been wanting and the lifestyle you have been working towards, the job is at least on the right track.

  1. Always talk about your job

When you can’t stop talking about the positive parts of your job to everyone outside of work, you know that you like your job. Be careful about how much you talk about how much you love your job because those that hate their job will get bitter.

  1. Encourage others to join the company

Someone truly happy with their job will want others to experience the same happiness with their company. If you are encouraging others to apply and talking about how great the company, its employees, financial future, mission, etc are to others, then you love your job.

  1. Scared

Sometimes being nervous and scared about the job is a good sign. It means you are invested and want to perform well. Being too comfortable with your job can turn into boredom, which means that you lack the passion for the company or industry. If the nervousness turns into severe anxiety, then the job is not right for you or your health.


7 Ways to Know You Are in the Right Career by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin