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How to Write Perfect Posts on Social Platforms

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Summary: Learn what needs to be included on the most common social networking sites in order to keep your posts engaging and informative.

Writing a post on social platforms that are powerful and engaging takes some skill and practice. When a post is done correctly with the proper content, the engagement from viewers will keep the post alive. The more viewers you are able to build will make it or break for your personal or company goals.

LinkedIn- A status update should be current, informative, relevant, and grabs attention. Keep the post under 50 characters and include a question to engage your readers. Attach a link to your update to direct more people to article. The description text should be concise and to the point to encourage people to click. Always know what audience you are targeting and tailor your post to them. Look at LinkedIn insights to learn how well you are doing at this. Lastly, engage with those that comment on your post so that you can build relationships with them.

Blog post- Have a title that grabs attention and gets the reader thinking. Include keywords at the beginning of the title and keep it under 70 characters. Adding an image or graphic to the post will make your point more powerful and engaging for the reader. The first paragraph of your post needs to have keywords in the first sentence. The reader should get a sense of what they will feel or expect from the rest of the article. Posts should be between 500 and 800 words. Use links throughout the post to will direct readers to past posts or contact pages. You can also include relevant posts for viewers that enjoyed the current one. Ask a question at the end to engage readers and add social media buttons so the post can be shared.

YouTube- Always start with a catchy title that grabs attention but also give the viewer an idea of the subject of the video. Use this title as the name of the video when you upload it as well. In the description box, include any keywords that will help viewers find the video easily. Include any links to your website or social channels. Let viewers know what you want them to do with the information you have given. Add tags and keywords so that as many people as possible will find your video.

Facebook- Keep things positive, it engages readers and keeps them sharing it. In the post, offer some information but don’t give it all away so that readers will want to click to learn more on the link given. Posts with images will receive the highest amount of engagement on Facebook. Comments and responses will grab even more attention from viewers so be sure to engage with those that do comment.


How to Write Perfect Posts on Social Platforms by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin