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Resume Mistakes That Are Killing Your Job Search

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Summary: Finding a job is hard enough without having to worry about whether your resume or your lack of experience is the source of constant rejection.

Searching for a job is a constant struggle. There is the trouble of finding jobs that fit your criteria within your area. Many times you are forced to start looking to relocate in order to find the right fit. An ever worse factor in this issue is realizing that your resume is the problem once it is too late and you have already been rejected from your top picks. Follow these tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

  • Limit any trophies and accolades on your resume to just a few. You don’t want to go through and list every award or accomplishment that has been given to you. Participation trophies are not awards so don’t even think about including those. Keep your resume focused on the industry and only list things that are relevant to the job. Actual work experience in the field you are applying to should be taking up the majority of the page.
  • Stick with bullet points instead of long paragraphs that no one wants to read. This includes your skills, work experiences, and any other parts of your resume. Do not stick a paragraph of more than two lines anywhere on your resume.
  • Unless your time in college is unique, the fact that you received a diploma belongs at the end of the resume. Employers want to see experiences not a list of schools you have attended. Every other person that applied for this job has a college diploma as well. You need to have experiences and features of your resume that are unique and make you stand out if you want the job.


Resume Mistakes That Are Killing Your Job Search by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin