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Career Terms That You Need to Know

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Summary: There are common terms used in the professional world that not all may know but there is a good chance you will hear at some point.

Are you just starting to enter the career field after college, a lengthy period of employment, or a lengthy period of unemployment? If so, there are some terms that you may not be familiar with that will be important in your job search.

Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a personal statement that can be delivered quickly about yourself that demonstrates your purpose, talents, and what impact you want to make on the world. It should be attention grabbing and direct so that the listener wants to learn more about you.

Culture Fit

Having a good culture fit with a company means the expressed or exhibited values, behaviors, and attitude of the company. Companies will want to hire someone that has their same values because then there is a great chance of them staying long term with the company and being successful.

Career Branding

Career branding is the act of marketing yourself in the professional field. To do this you have to paint a picture of your career accomplishments, skills, and talents to convey expertise and aptitude in a tactful way.

Side Hustle

This is when you want to take a second or even third job in your spare time. The desire may be to gain new skills but without having to quit your main job.


This term applies to when you change your career, usually late in life. This is not a job change but a transition to a completely different career path with the intention of increasing money, influence, and position.


Career Terms That You Need to Know by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin