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How to Handle More Than One Job Offer

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Summary: Receiving more than one job offer can make for a big decision in figuring out which one will prove to be the best opportunity for you.

The day you get that long awaited and well deserved job offer may be one of the best ever. Now imagine you receive two job offers or even more. That glorious day now may be a little more stressful. Knowing how to handle more than one job offer can be tricky. Both companies want you, so there is sometimes an opportunity to negotiate a better deal, but you don’t want to push too hard and lose them both. Follow these tips to feel less stressed and get the job you really want:

  1. Don’t get ahead of yourself and assume communication from the company is an offer. Until contracts are signed, there is no guarantee that the job is yours. If the offer is legitimate but they are not willing to give you the details of the offer, then be careful and consider foregoing that offer all together.
  2. Compare the financial benefits to each offer. While one offer may have a higher salary, it may have a smaller benefits package or require you to commute to work an extra hour each day. Weigh all the options before deciding.
  3. Determine the effect it will have on your home life. Jobs that have odd hours, frequent business trips, or other things that take time away from your personal life may have negative impacts on your relationships.
  4. Choose the offer that uses your skills and further develops them. If you are particularly good at something and one of the job offers will utilize that skill, jump on it. Whenever a position lets you shine and feel valued, it will give you the most success.
  5. Do all the research you can on the company, looking for any insider details. Often the juicy details may not be online so getting whatever information you can will be valuable.
  6. Determine what other benefits the position may offer. Perhaps there is a gym onsite or frequent social events that make the atmosphere of the company more enjoyable.
  7. Go with your instinct. If you think about turning down one offer and it makes you feel sad then that job may just be the better fit. There are going to be pros and cons to every offer so being able to weigh each to what fit is best for you is easier when you just go with your gut.


How to Handle More Than One Job Offer by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin