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7 Apps to Help You Get Out of Bed Each Morning

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Summary: Finding an alarm that works to get you out of bed can be a struggle, especially if you are a master snoozer, so try these ones to find one that works better.

If you are anything like the majority of us, the moment your alarm goes off in the morning is often one of the worst moments of the day. The comfort of bed mixed with not enough sleep and it still being dark out makes it really hard to get out of bed, even when we actually like our jobs. Here are 7 apps to make it easier to get out bed in the morning.

Cuukuu – Sync your schedule with your friends, all while motivating each other through challenges of who can turn snooze of the fastest, earning points to reach the next level. You can also add pictures, chat, and share alerts to remind friends about events like Sunday brunch.

SleepCycle – Place your phone under your pillow to track your sleep, allowing the app to know to wake your during the lightest phase of the sleep cycle. This helps stop the blaring alarms when you are in the middle of a REM cycle. The app also tracks your sleep so you can find patterns.

Wake ‘n Shake – This app is not for the weak. There is no snooze and no volume control. To turn off the alarm, you have to vigorously shake your phone. You can adjust intensity, earn achievements, and set quick naps.

Morning Routine – In order to turn off the alarm, you have to complete an activity. This may be scanning a barcode, complete a sequence of steps or sending you to another app. There is a “smart feature” to the app so that is silences when you are using it to complete the activity.

Wakie – Wake up to a minute long conversation with a stranger. The app creators understand that conversations wake up the brain so you will receive an anonymous phone call from someone around the world that will only last for a minute. You can also be the person making the call. The call is done through the app so phone numbers are not disclosed

Morning Sun – This app copies sunlight to give the illusion that you are rising with the sun. The app controls the brightness, getting brighter over a 30 minute period before you are set to wake up. This gradual increase helps you wake up naturally. You can also set it to include birds chirping instead of a blaring horn.

Swiftime – This app is for those that have trouble getting places on time. The app gives voice alerts, counting down the time left before you need to leave. Think of the app as a butler for time management.


7 Apps to Help You Get Out of Bed Each Morning by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin