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Six Reasons You Need to Be Networking

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Summary: Networking is critical to the future success of your career. Learn why in this article.

Whether you want to admit it or believe it, networking is a vital part of your career. The reason you are attending a seminar on marketing strategies or evening social event are not because you are bored or are actually interested in the topic but because you understand the importance of getting out and meeting people in your industry.

Investing effort and time into networking the right way is important and here are six reasons why:

  1. Networking is about figuring out to help each other not selling your credentials. When a conversation is one-sided, it will help no one so make sure you ask the person about what they do, their struggles, etc as well explaining yours.
  2. Networking builds relationships to sources outside your immediate office. You never know those kinds of connections may pay off.
  3. Networking is expected with any job. You won’t get far relying only on yourself to advance your career, your business, or your personal brand.
  4. Networking is a good way to learn and grow about different aspects of your industry.
  5. Networking can advance your career in several ways. Not only can it help when in need of a new job, making connections with the right people can help you stand out to your superiors.
  6. Networking builds a continuous cycle of meeting new people in the business and developing career opportunities from that and meeting more people, etc.


Six Reasons You Need to Be Networking by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin