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Treasure Data

Summary: Startup Treasure Data balances a California and Toyko office in order to capitalize on the technology industry that is strong in both places.

At only five years old, Treasure Data has made a name for themselves in the tech industry. They set off with the mission to build the first end-to-end cloud service for all data coming in from collection, storage, and analysis. To continue to strive to simplify data management through an analytics infrastructure that allows customers to focus on obtaining the value of their own data while minimizing the resources, money, time, and effort clients spend on analysis and organization.

There are two main offices to work from – Mountain View, CA or Tokyo. At either location you can enjoy the exchange of new employees between the two offices each quarter to promote global communication.

Treasure Data is currently hiring for a Marketing Assistant Intern, Data Science Engineering Writer, Product Marketing Manager, Senior DevOps Engineer in CA, Account Executive, Director Demand Generation, and Senior DevOps Engineer in Tokyo. These positions range from entry level to senior level.

The startup company also has flexible work hours, great compensation, health benefits, retirement and life insurance, a casual work environment, and free lunch every day.

The employees that have or still do work for the company are mixed on their reviews. Some love the company while others have hated working there. The biggest complaint is a lack of communication but the company stresses that employees are trusted to keep themselves on track to get tasks done.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin