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5 Tips to Make You More Assertive in Meetings

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Summary: Speaking out during a work meeting can be intimidating, but with the proper confidence, you will be ready to stand up for your ideas and stand out at work.

Brilliant ideas can come anytime, especially during a meeting on the topic. You softly pitch your idea but downplay it because you are unsure of how great it is. In order to fully own what you say, follow these tips to help you be more assertive and sure of your ideas during meetings.

  1. Prepare

While we know you can’t necessarily prepare for some idea that pops into your brain during a meeting but you can still prepare as much as possible before the meeting. Be knowledgeable about the topics that have been planned to be discussed during the meeting. This includes preparing for who you want to be during the meeting – the silent bystander or an active participant.

  1. Negativity

Negative thoughts have no place at work or anywhere for that matter. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Forget about upsetting others if you have an idea that can improve something at work or for clients.

  1. Authority

Speak with confidence by avoiding “sorry” or “I’m not sure if this is a good idea.” Speak direct but not abruptly so that your point gets across.

  1. Body language

No matter how great your idea may be, if you are sitting with hunched shoulders then your idea will lose credibility. Sit up straight and be engaged so that you have more confidence. The place you decide to sit during a meeting will also play a part in how assertive your idea is. Eye contact is essential to display authority. Glance at your notes occasionally by if you have prepared beforehand, you shouldn’t have to stare at your notes.

  1. Interruptions

There will always be individuals in a meeting that interrupt and point the topic in another direction. Let them finish their thought and then redirect the discussion back to your point. If one person keeps interrupting you, it is alright to politely say “Excuse me but I would like to finish what I am saying.” This points out that they are interrupting you but you have the manners to say something nicely so that you can finish pitching your idea.


5 Tips to Make You More Assertive in Meetings by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin