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5 Ways to Know If It Is Time to Look for a New Job

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Summary: Job unhappiness is not always a good reason to leave a job, but by following these five tips, you will better understand when the time is right to leave.

You may love your job and the people you work with but the position may lack chances for more experiences, responsibilities, or even promotions. This lack of excitement and personal challenge is not necessarily a reason to leave a job, but there are a variety of reasons that can signal that it is time for a change.

1. People, work, and money

Money isn’t everything but it definitely helps. You may be working with a great team at a great company but without proper compensation, you may feel it is time to move on. Look into what the position is paid at other places and start first with asking for a raise before immediately jumping ship. If your current salary is similar to other salaries, then the other benefits to the position, such as the people you work with may be enough to convince you to stay.

2. Time

A good reason to leave may be that you are promised things that never happen and you have no ability to control. Sometimes the company you work for may just need more time because it is a startup or going through changes, but in an established company, there is very little reason for this excuse.

3. Be open

Starting a new job is never a preferable option. There is the transition period of learning new policies and procedures, understanding the politics of the company, and fully knowing what is expected of you. Let your boss know what you are unhappy about whether it is your pay or lack of opportunities to grow. You may be surprised that your boss responds positively by trying to improve the situation in however they can.

4. Look around

Looking around at other options never hurts. You may learn that you are happier in your current situation than you thought or that you need to add more skills to make yourself more marketable. Adding new skills may make you stand out for a promotion at your current company too.

5. Change

Test the waters by sending your resume out to a few places. You have no obligation to tell your current employment until you are given a job offer. It may take time for something to come of sending your resume out, but there is no way of knowing if there are better opportunities out there unless you look.


5 Ways to Know If It Is Time to Look for a New Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin