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Follow These Social Media Guidelines at Work

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social media at work

Summary: Using social media at work is not the same as when you use it at home for your personal use. Follow these rules to keep it professional.

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives at work and at home. With that fact, there are certain rules that need to be followed to keep the two parts of our lives separate. Social media at work will likely follow a different set of standards that what you find to be acceptable on your personal page at home.

Ask your supervisor or another authority figure at your company what the guidelines are for the company’s social media presence. There are likely brand hashtags and visual guidelines like Instagram filters to follow.

Before posting work-related information, make sure that it isn’t something confidential like a big promotion or not-yet-announced project. Social media makes it easy to let big news out before waiting the necessary time.

More private social spaces do not guarantee that things will stay private. Email or personal messages can still be leaked so choose your words wisely. Only say things that you are comfortable being read by anyone.

The line between personal and professional can get blurry. Consider how you use your social network channels before asking to follow your co-workers or boss. Is your profile a way to share personal photos with friends or is it a way to broadcast your work? If you can call your co-workers friends then feel free to connect with them on social media, but if not, then keep your personal life to yourself.

Some companies have strict social media guidelines that dictate when you can post and what kind of connections you can form with colleagues online. Be sure to ask what the rules are before starting a new job.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin