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Benefits of Being a Nicer Person

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Summary: When we use kindness towards those we interact with, we will develop better partnerships and greater success in our careers in the long run.

Kindness can go a long with people but there seems to be a lack of it in today’s world, especially with the use of digital technologies. Being nice when building professional relationships can result in greater opportunities, even when it is least expected. One person took this lesson to heart and greater a place online dedicated to being kind.

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Ashley Lauren Dickinson founded KindaKind to focus on helping others and yourself live kinder lives. She says, “Being kind is having an awareness of one’s own actions, for better and for worse.” Follow these five tips to be kinder:

  1. Treat everyone like a human. It is easier to write off people we don’t personally know but everyone has a story so before judging others, remember their story is as complicated as yours may be.
  2. Be genuine in your conversations, especially when it starts with you are asked how are doing. Respond with more than just a “fine” and ask them a genuine question in return. Showing that you care about your interactions with others and not just going through the motions will be remembered.
  3. Your passions can help people more than you realize. Look for opportunities where you can give back by using your talents or interests.
  4. Kindness starts with how you treat yourself. Treat yourself with kindness by taking care of your body and mind.
  5. Kindness is not weakness so don’t listen when others say being kind is being a pushover. To be kind takes courage and unimaginable strength.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin