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10 Resume Tips That Won’t Lead You Astray

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Summary: Advice on how to write resumes can often lead you in the wrong direction, but here are 10 resume tips that will help you land a job.

Keeping up with all the tips on how to write your resume can be overwhelming at times. After reading all the information out there you have most likely come to the conclusion that you no longer need to put your high school on your resume. With the average glance time being six seconds for a resume, this is a good thing, because you don’t have space to waste on details that won’t help you get the job. Here are ten more tips to follow on your resume so that you can land that job.

  1. A resume is not the place to bear your life story. Keep the information relevant and marketable to you.
  2. Resumes are glanced over in six seconds, so remember this as your organize and write information on your resume.
  3. Some embellishments of things on your resume such as words in your job descriptions are acceptable, but making up things is not. The truth always comes out either through your own omission or a reference check. If you only know how to open Word and write a paper and not any other tricks associated with the program, then don’t call yourself a master of the program.
  4. Any information that is useless to you getting the job needs to be left off. The fact that you took a Spanish class ten years ago but don’t remember anything from it does not help you in any way.
  5. Most job descriptions of your responsibilities and duties can be over a page long, so just take the two or three most important tasks and include them on your resume. The same goes for achievements – only include the ones you are most proud of.
  6. If you do include a photo of yourself with the resume, make sure it is a very professional picture. Selfies are a big no-no.
  7. When applying to a range of jobs, create several resumes for each field and customize it to the specific job description. You may be trying to find a job in marketing or IT, so the information you need to include on the resume would be vastly different.
  8. Simplicity is essential to making sure your resume is easy to read. Stick with one or two basic fonts and colors.
  9. Be original by throwing out the cliché statements like “I’m a hard worker and have a great attitude.” Tell who you really are in detail.
  10. Include volunteer work even if it isn’t relevant. Companies want to see candidates that are willing to put in time without a reward. Volunteer work shows you are diligent, which makes for a better employee.

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10 Resume Tips That Won’t Lead You Astray by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin