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3 Ways to Create a Resume without a Job Description

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Summary: Job descriptions serve as a guide for you to create a resume, but without one there are still other ways to build a resume that is powerful enough to get a job.

There are times when you need to supply a resume but there is no specific job to tailor the resume to. You may have just made a connection with someone at your dream company and they ask you to send over your resume. Usually you use a job description to match your resume to so that it is more powerful. Without that you may be wondering how to make your resume still stand out as a good fit for a position. Follow these tips to ensure that you provide the most powerful resume possible without the guidance of a job description.

1. Use your knowledge of the industry or company as a guide.

Knowing what a hiring manager is looking for is helpful but sometimes you won’t have that knowledge. The job posting would usually serve as the source for this knowledge but by researching the company, you can gain a sense of what they are looking for. There may a skill that is highly valued in the industry that you can use as the target.

2. Use your dream job as a guide.

When using a formal job description, your resume is limited. Your focus is on meeting the requirements of the job as they are lined out instead of focusing on the things you feel are important. You may choose to focus on your current volunteer work instead of your current job because of your passions. Include things about where you want to contribute your efforts and what you have to contribute to make your resume show your passion.

3. Use your creativity as a guide.

Posted job descriptions provide instructions on how to submit your materials and what to submit. Without this guidance, you don’t have to worry about forgetting something or breaking any rules. There is no limit to where you can take your resume. For more creative companies this method is a better representation of what you can offer them.

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3 Ways to Create a Resume without a Job Description by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin