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Be Prepared for January Job Fairs

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Summary: With the New Year will come new opportunities for career growth. Be prepared for any job fairs that are planned in your area.

We want you to stand out among the hundreds even thousands of people that attend job fairs. You need to start preparing before the day of the fair. Job fairs are like lots of mini-job interviews so not bringing a resume or looking professional will be career suicide.

Pre-Job Fair

There is plenty of prep work that needs to be done before you can even walk out the door to go to a job fair.

  1. Update resume
  2. Prepare portfolio
  3. Make business cards
  4. Update social profiles

Once you learn which companies will be at the job fair, start researching them. You want to be able to talk about specifics of the company with them to show you are truly interested in working for them. Knowing things about the company’s current events will make you stand out from the crowd.

Now select your best interview outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. When you know you look good in a slick suit or powerful outfit, you will have more confidence going into the job fair and talking it up with company representatives. Looking your best includes a trim of the hair and any facial hair.

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At the Job Fair

Be patient and willing to wait your turn to talk with a representative. Tapping your foot, sighing excessively, and rolling your eyes will be noticed but not in a favorable way. There are going to be lines so be mentally prepared for that. Spend the time waiting in line by Googling the company on your phone to catch their latest news or engage in friendly conversation with those waiting in line next to you.

Once you get the chance to talk with the interviewers, be respectful and understanding of their long day. Talk loudly so that the interviewer can hear you over the background noise. Be actively engaged in the interview. Ask good questions that show you have planned ahead.

See The Best Questions to Ask at a Job Fair.

After the Job Fair

Follow up with any interviewers that you promised additional information to like a portfolio or references. The easiest way to follow-up is with an interviewer is by getting their business card. Be careful not to pester. Send a quick thank you note to those that interviewed you, thanking them for taking the time to meet with you. Include your contact information. This note can be in the form of a card or email. Text messages are not appropriate for this.

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Be Prepared for January Job Fairs by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin