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Advancing Your Career in Sports Management: What Next?

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Summary: Dan gets some much needed advice about the best way to advance his career in sports management and utilize more of his skills.


Question: I completed a master’s degree in sports management from Adelphi University last August and have several years of work experience in special events. I’m currently helping to coordinate events on college campuses for a major national retailer, but I’m looking to continue my career with a company where I can use more of my skills in marketing, advertising, event management, and promotions. I’m also looking to add sales to my repertoire. Any suggestions on where I could go with my experience?

— Dan, Cinnaminson, N.J.

Dan: With your varied background and interests, your options appear to be wide open. In fact, you could probably land a new job tomorrow, but the issue is whether it’s really the right job for you. What you have to determine is which of your skills — new and old — you want to pursue most. Unless you join a small company where employees wear many hats, gaining sales experience likely means forsaking your other interests to spend a year or two in sales. Before moving ahead, I would suggest completing an in-depth self-assessment. You can spend time with a legal pad writing down all of your likes and dislikes. Or, you can take advantage of a great free resource: the career-guidance office at your alma mater. As an alumni, you’re welcome to use their services — including assessment testing and personal counseling — at no charge (your tuition dollars are still at work). You may even be able to use these services at other colleges if your alma mater has a reciprocal agreement with the school in question. Call your alma mater’s placement office for details.

Advancing Your Career in Sports Management: What Next? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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