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How to Land a Job with a Top Consulting Firm

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Summary: In this Q&A article, advice is given about how to land a job with a top consulting firm.


Question: I’m an M.B.A. student wondering about how to land a position with a top consulting firm. What personality traits and qualifications do these firms look for?

Answer: “Work hard, play hard” is the descriptor that covers most personalities and cultures in the consulting world. Beyond intensity, each firm has a unique orientation. Don’t lose sight of the two-way nature of the process. To settle on an employer that suits your personality and goals, find out about the work style and culture of the various consulting firms. provides insight into this lucrative field.

The top firms rely heavily on on-campus recruiting to fill their new-employee ranks. They often supplement their on-campus efforts with job fairs, employers’ conferences, Internet screening and recruiting events such as dinners. Take advantage of any of these that are available to you. The firms that are considered “employers of choice” demand excellent academic records and favor degrees from top universities.

If you love data gathering and analysis, are great with clients, have excellent communication and presentation skills and are a natural team player, then you have what these firms need. Your persistence in trying to get a foot in the door will eventually pay off.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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