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What College Information Should You Include in a Resume?

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Summary: This article addresses what kind of college-related material you should include in your resume when you don’t have much work experience.


Question: I’m in the process of updating my resume for the first time since earning a graduate degree in 2014. Since then, I’ve worked for the same information technology consulting firm. My “college resume” contained a lot of information that college recruiters would find interesting, such as my GPA, internships and summer jobs. But since I still don’t have much work experience, I’m not sure if I’ve reached the point where I need to leave that kind of information off my resume. How much college-related material, if any, should I still include?

Answer: Now that you’re almost three years out of school, it’s time to relegate your college info to its proper place on your resume: under an education heading near the bottom. All you need to include is the name and location of your alma maters, the years you graduated, your major and minor and any significant honors, such as Phi Beta Kappa. Not only don’t recruiters care what your GPA was at this stage, I’m surprised you still remember (I forgot mine as quickly as possible). For the rest of your career, your track-record in the real world will be much more important to prospective employers than your college history.

What College Information Should You Include in a Resume? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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