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7 Lies Interviewers Say to Make You Feel Better

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Summary: Interviewers are there to find the best candidate for their company, not to reassure you or be completely honest about the vicious competitiveness of the company, so beware.

There are seven statements that interviewers will often tell job candidates that mean nothing. Whether the interviewer is intentionally lying or just repeating a statement they tell everyone will vary, but the point is, don’t believe the interviewer when they say these things.

  1. We’ll call you to get back soon.

When you hear them say this, pop those red flags up. “Getting back to you” often is a sign that the interviewer was not impressed and will look at their candidates to find the best option. Don’t keep high expectations of getting this job.

  1. We are impressed but need to interview more people still.

If interviewers are that impressed, they aren’t going to waste time and money to interview others. While you may be a good option, they are still hoping to find someone that is amazing.

  1. You are a good option that we will consider, if not for this position then for another project.

This is usually a nice way of letting you down so that when you get the rejection for the job you interviewed with, you are completely crushed and have some hope still. Generally, if they do end up calling on you for another project, it is not one you are satisfied with or meets your expectations.

  1. We will give you salary based on your work experience.

While experience does count for something and can help negotiate a slightly higher salary, companies already know what salary package they will be offering before they start interviewing for the position. Do your research before an interview so that you know what the average is for the position and what you are worth.

  1. We are still figuring out the offering salary and will let you know when we have it set.

Once again, the company will already know the salary before they start interviewing. If they tell you this during your interview, there is something wrong. The interviewer may come back to you with something significantly lower than is fair in hopes you will bite, or there is a possibility that the position doesn’t even have approval and will get forgotten.

  1. You will find a great working atmosphere without any politics.

Every company has politics. That is a fact. How people handle the workplace politics is where the differences lay. Don’t be fooled to think that you would be walking into a situation where there is no competition for advancement, opportunities, or anything else.

  1. We offer great benefits for our employees.

Don’t just take their word for it. Their definition of great may be a 10 percent discounted corporate rate on your cell phone bill. Get the details by either asking for them or researching it yourself instead of just believing what they claim.

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7 Lies Interviewers Say to Make You Feel Better by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin