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Google Takes on the Sticky Note Problem

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Summary: Sticky notes are a great way to make little reminders, but they can quickly lose their stick and get lost. Google has a way to fix that problem.

Who doesn’t love sticky notes? They come in all shapes and colors, making the task of noting something special or creating a reminder simple and fun. We use them to remind ourselves of log-ins and passwords as well as when our next dentist appointment is. The problem is that we often use smartphones, laptops, and tablets for everything now. Now that technology is our primary source of everything, paper sticky notes are not quite as useful.

Electronic sticky notes have been around for a while, but they are often restricted to a single computer, leaving the user stranded when at their work computer and the note is saved to their home computer or vice versa. Some may try to remedy that problem by emailing themselves important notes but often, we don’t know what will be important. Google is here to save the day once again. Google Keep, a free sticky note system, lets users sync their notes to their Google Drive so they can be accessed anywhere.

Google has taken it a step farther and integrated Keep with Google Docs so you can drag the content of your notes directly into a document. Feel free to save inspirational quotes and them make them into an awesome printable later. They also added a Chrome browser extension that lets you save any link, website, or page you are on to your personal drive, even with a little note. Have you ever bookmarked a page, forgot about it, and then come across it and wonder why you saved it? Being able to save important pages with a note explaining why can prove to be a useful feature.

So ditch the old paper notes that can get blown away by the wind and get those important notes and reminders saved to a place that is backed up and accessible everywhere.

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Google Takes on the Sticky Note Problem by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin