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How to Land Specialized Programming Jobs

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Summary: Learn how to land specialized application programming jobs in a way that takes into account one’s experience in this article.


Question: I’m 38 and have spent the past three years in the computer-science tract of a college’s core programming program. While I’m always hearing of the great demand for IT professionals, I’m still finding it hard to land specialized application-oriented jobs that I’d prefer, rather than “hard-coding” programming jobs that seem to be more prevalent. In addition, recruiters are targeting their efforts on candidates with just two years of experience. What’s a good first step to get in the door at my age, but not reduce myself to accepting a mundane help-desk position?

Answer: Start networking. Contact others who graduated from your program in the past few years who are working in the kind of positions you covet at companies you admire. Your professors and the placement office will happily give you their names and phone numbers. Let them know what you’re looking for, and you’ll likely be surprised by their positive reaction. Remember, many companies now reward current employees who refer candidates that are hired to fill technical positions. So despite their warm, fuzzy feelings about helping a fellow alum, they’ll get cold cash (sometimes as much as $2,500) if you’re hired by their employer.

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