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Finding Work as a Healthcare Writer

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Summary: Learn where to find work as a healthcare writer if you have the in-depth knowledge and experience required.


Question: We have been working as writers for a medium-sized healthcare business information company for two years, and we both hold the title of managed care analyst. Each day, we write a news-analysis story on some current topic or national trend in health care, which is sent online to our subscribers. I believe we’ve developed into experts on just about every aspect of health care, especially managed care. But since there are so few people who do what we do, it’s difficult to evaluate our position. We’re wondering what our market is. Other than newspapers and journals, who out there is a need for good health-care writers? What are our options? Consulting?

Answer: No matter how knowledgeable you are today about health care, 90% of what you know will be obsolete in two years. Your real skill is the ability to summarize articles into concise, coherent analyses, a talent you can apply to any industry, including consulting. Other online services also are natural employers for you both, and salaries for web editors are rising fast. So unless you both truly enjoy writing about health care, I’d suggest broadening your horizons.

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