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Getting a Better Understanding of the High-Tech Job Market

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Summary: Learn how to better understand the high-tech job market in this article.


Question: I’m currently an attorney in private practice and was also a CPA for a time. I’m now interested in joining the high-tech industry. I’m looking for a position in Colorado, Oregon or North Carolina, but I’m having a hard time getting a good sense of the job market in those states. I’ve contacted local chambers of commerce, and I monitor jobs through the internet. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get a better understanding of the job market in a distant city?

Answer: Long-distance job hunting is a challenge, but it’s especially tough for career changers. Not only do you have to identify challenging opportunities, but you have to convince hiring managers that you’re the best choice, even though you’ve never held that type of job before. You mentioned monitoring jobs on the internet, which is a great start, but I’d focus on employment resources within each of your target cities. Visit to find jobs in Denver, Portland, and Charlotte or Greensboro. Next, tap into your network of friends and colleagues for names of people who work in your target locales. Then network with those folks just as you would for a local job hunt. And of course, nothing beats actually spending a week or so in your highest priority city to really get a feel for the market.

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Getting a Better Understanding of the High-Tech Job Market by
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