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Looking a for a Job Overseas

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Summary: Are you looking for a job overseas but don’t have a college degree? Learn how you can find one in this article.


Question: I’m an Internet consultant who recently returned home to Australia from Canada after nine years away. I have a well-paid position as a development manager for a major online project. But I’m already bored and frustrated, and I miss the fast pace of the North American internet scene. My current position offers me little challenge and I miss working with start-up companies where changes can be made without wading through layers of bureaucracy. I’ve looked far and wide locally for challenging positions, but I can’t find anything suitable. I don’t have U.S. citizenship or a degree (instead, I have more than six years of IT management experience). What obstacles will I have to overcome to find a job in the New England area? I’m looking for a position paying $70,000 to $80,000 a year.

Answer: Without a college degree, finding a job in the U.S. while you’re still in Australia — even in the red-hot IT market — will be challenging for a non-U.S. citizen. Your best bet is to bite the bullet and travel to New England, leaving yourself six to eight weeks to explore the market. Start by attending IT job fairs in Boston, Hartford, and Providence, where recruiters can evaluate your skills to determine if you’re worth sponsoring for a visa. And if you can schedule interviews in advance of your trip by responding to jobs posted online, both from companies and IT placement and contracting firms, all the better. You can find IT jobs here:

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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