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3 Ways You Can Get a Much Higher Yield from Your Job Search Efforts

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Summary: Are your current job search efforts not proving very fruitful? Find out how you can achieve better results and find a more satisfying career in this article.


Question: I’m a recent college graduate looking for a new job. I accepted a position, but I’m not doing exactly what I want. I guess it’s good experience, but my heart isn’t in it, so I have to grind out my days. I send out 20 to 30 resumes each week, but I haven’t had much luck. How can I find a more satisfying job?

Answer: For a greater yield, move your job search out of the realm of resumes and into the realm of risk-taking, relationships, and results.

1. Risk-taking. In this economy, you would be ill-advised to leave your job before you have another lined up. But you will have to put yourself out there a little more to gain any attention from potential employers. This means finding a way to devote more time to the search, which will call for personal sacrifice in the form of off-hours effort or official vacation time.

2. Relationships. Making connections provides the most promising opportunity for hearing about jobs in the “hidden” job market (existing openings that aren’t advertised). Identifying people to talk to in companies of interest, joining a professional association to network with other members and contacting your college career center and alumni office for connections will increase your networking ability significantly.

3. Results. Communicate your expertise to future employers in the context of potential results. Describe how you will help these companies solve their problems. Because many job seekers stop short of bridging their strengths to the employer’s needs, your ability to demonstrate this alignment will distinguish you from the crowd in a tight market.

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3 Ways You Can Get a Much Higher Yield from Your Job Search Efforts by
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