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What’s the Best Way to Find a Paid Internship?

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Summary: Find out how you can land a paid internship while still in college.


Question: I am majoring in English and journalism, with a minor in technical writing, and will be looking for an internship next year, preferably with a newspaper or publishing company. As a student, wife, employee, and mother of four, I will need a paying internship to survive. What’s the best way to find one?

Answer: You have time to research your options—don’t waste any of it. There are plenty of internship opportunities, but paying ones are harder to come by. Start by checking For technical-writing positions, try

To increase your options for meaningful, convenient internships, start networking in your locality. Identify all newspapers and publishing-related organizations, and make a point of meeting as many people as possible who are affiliated with your ideal employers.

Contracting as a technical writer with a local corporation or nonprofit agency is another option to explore. Develop a target list of potential employers and create a customized resume. When you are called in for interviews, be sure to fully prepare by investigating ahead of time and aligning your skills with the problems the company is trying to solve.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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