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Find the Right Facts to Advance Your Professional Career

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Summary: Thinking about returning to school to advance your professional career in an in-demand field? Read this article to find out how you can.


Question: I want to go back to school to advance to a new and more profitable career. Where can I find information about hiring demand and salary levels in various industries?

Answer: Conducting occupational research is a key part of career decision-making and there are plenty of resources to assist in the process. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the “Occupational Outlook Quarterly” on trends and the “Occupational Outlook Handbook,” which provides descriptions of jobs and salaries. In addition, American Demographics magazine covers broader trends that ultimately affect careers and the workplace. Professional associations representing specific career fields are another good source for this information. Supplement your research with firsthand conversations with people working in the careers you are targeting.

For best results, consider your personal interests, skills, and values before making a decision. Trends are shorter lived than ever. Projections that used to cover decades now are revised annually to keep pace with rapid change and unforeseen developments. Combining career research with a personal self-assessment will lead you to a career that is likely to be both marketable and rewarding.

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Find the Right Facts to Advance Your Professional Career by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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