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How to Open Your Eyes to the Right Career Opportunities for You

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SummaryIf you’re drifting through college without a clue, there are options to help you figure out your priorities.


Question: I am looking to get away for a couple of years to get an education. I am 25, have been in and out of college and dropped out of tech school. The problem is that I am lost and am not sure what to do for a living. How can I get an eye-opener on what else is out there?

Answer: You will need an inward-looking eye, in addition to the two that you have for looking outward. Rather than a haphazard leap into other possibilities that are out there, back up to try to figure out what you are “dropping out of” and “getting away from.” You can’t run away from yourself.

Once you more clearly define what you are drawn to and what you want to steer clear of, begin to research specific occupations for a potential fit. If you are stuck, you may wish to take an interest inventory like the Strong Interest Inventory, which will suggest careers that you may find satisfying based on your stated interests. A visit to your local library and an Internet search for resources like the Occupational Outlook Handbook will provide additional occupational profiles to consider.

Don’t overlook the people around you, employed in a variety of careers, as sources of first-hand information about the day-to-day experiences that characterize positions and work environments. Generating viable options through this approach will increase the likelihood of a good match rather than facing the disappointment of another false start.

How to Open Your Eyes to the Right Career Opportunities for You by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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