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Aspiring Sports Marketers Need All-Star Experience

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Summary: Find out what types of jobs you should pursue to enter the world of sports marketing.


Question: I’m a junior business-marketing major who is thinking about pursuing a career in sports marketing. I enjoy working for my school’s athletic department, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to obtain a job in this field without an internship or a graduate degree. What kind of jobs should I pursue? How can I get my foot in the door?

Answer: Experience will be much more important than a graduate degree in launching your career in sports marketing. Working in your school’s athletic department is a start, but a marketing-related internship or volunteer experience this summer will enhance your chances of getting noticed after graduation. Approach your co-workers in the athletic department and ask them to recommend some outside contacts.

Research the field of sports marketing thoroughly because it’s a much broader field than most realize. You might decide to pursue an entry-level position as a marketing assistant or trainee with a professional team, but opportunities also exist in ticket sales, corporate sponsorship and licensed merchandise. Another approach is to obtain marketing experience with a reputable firm outside the sports arena. Use research, internships, and conversations with people in the field to find the areas that match your skills and interests.

The competitive nature of sports carries over to the business side, so the more you can do to demonstrate your drive and creativity, the closer you’ll get to a plum assignment. For more tips on scoring in sports marketing, take a look at

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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