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The Best Career Choices Leave Room for Change

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Summary: Wondering how you should make a critical career choice as a freshman in college? Find out in this article.


Question: I am a first-year business student at a fork in the road where I have to decide what career I will choose for the rest of my life. How do I make the best choice?

Answer: The rest of your life is a long journey, and there will be many more forks. The career decisions you make at this point are significant but not necessarily final. Recognize that you are on the first floor of your career building, and it is important to form a strong foundation to support your career as it unfolds.

An important first step is to take stock of your strengths and interests. What courses and careers do you gravitate toward? Career satisfaction comes largely from the opportunity to contribute by drawing on your talents, values, and interests. The second significant step is to research occupations and market demand. While you can’t predict demand in a changing economy with certainty, you can determine where your profile most closely aligns with business needs and career fields.

A mindset of continuous learning is arguably the most important ingredient for a promising career. Take every opportunity to gain experience and make business contacts while you are still in school. After graduation, target an employer and position that appear to offer positive mentors and role models in addition to a strong training and development component.

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