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Top 10 Most Popular Granted Career Advice Articles in 2017

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Summary: Navigating the job field can be full of unknowns. Learn how to best handle tough situations and find a new job to better your chances of success.

Read the 10 most popular articles that will help you with your future and current job. The job search world is filled with changes in trends and expectations. Get on top of those by preparing for all that may come up as you start a new job.

  1. Workplace Jargon to Drop from Your Vocabulary

Using workplace jargon is an expectation but sometimes it gets taken too far. People start repeating words and phrases that a supervisor or co-worker uses without fully understanding what it means. Learn what workplace jargon should not be repeated from numerous surveys.

  1. Three Types of Cover Letters to Write

There are three kinds of cover letters that can be written during the job search process. Most people are only aware of the common resume cover letter but there are two more that should be utilized to help you make the connections and find the job you want. Learn tips on how to write these letters to make them strong.

  1. 5 Signs that You Need a Career Change

Making a career change is a serious step. You must go into it prepared and ready. There are times when changes can be made to your current position without making a huge career change in order to be satisfied. Learn the signs that a career change is needed so that you don’t mistakenly make a change before it is time to.

  1. You Must Have This Critical Skill That Is in High Demand by Employers

There are a number of skills that are in demand such as communication but writing skills are especially important for those that are doctors, lawyers, and real estate agents. Learn why writing is important for each profession and what level is required to be successful in the career.

  1. Top 13 Skills to Have on Your Resume

It is important to list skills on your resume but they need to be the right skills otherwise your skills may make you look bad. Employers want to see certain skills on resumes so make sure you have the right ones listed that match the job listing.

  1. 12 Things You Should Not Say at Work

There are 12 phrases that you should not say at work if you want to be respected or to keep your job. There are times when stress takes over and your judgment is clouded but that is not an excuse to act out. In order to keep a good relationship with those you work with, don’t say these things to them.

  1. How to Survive a Toxic Workplace

Everyone struggles with their work environment at some point in their career. Knowing when the problem can be fixed with minor changes and when it is past repair can save yourself from a lot of stress and wasted time. Know how to handle a bad workplace so that you can beat the stress and survive.

  1. Answer the Weakness Question by Following These 4 Rules

Interviews can be scary experiences, especially if you go in unprepared. Being asked about your weaknesses can stump even the best candidates but knowing how to answer the question correctly can save a mediocre candidate. Follow these rules to cruise through this part of the interview.

  1. 6 Resume Guideline Changes You May Not Know

Resume expectations and guidelines have changed over the years. If you find yourself getting back into the job search game, know what changes should be made to your outdated resume to make it current.

  1. How to Nail the First 30 Days of a New Job

You finally made it through the job search process to receive a job offer. Starting a new job is an exhausting process filled with a lot of firsts. Use these tips to help you get through the first month with ease by being prepared and impressing your company.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin