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Non-Profit Triangle Acquires $250,000 Grant to Help Disabled Persons Find Jobs

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triangleA non-profit organization in Malden, Massachusetts known as Triangle has received a grant that will help it support employment programs, according to the Malden Observer. The programs are for people with disabilities.

The announcement was made by the Governor’s office on December 16 and the grant is for $250,000. It is a combined effort between Triangle and the Metro North Partnership for Economic Improvement and Emerging Employees in Allied Health Care and Hospitality.

“This project is a replicable model that will serve both transition-aged students with disabilities as they prepare to leave high school and adults with disabilities re-entering the workforce,” the press release said.

Some 50 people with disabilities will be served by the program. The goal is to help at least 30 of them find jobs. The CEO of Triangle, Michael Rodrigues, said the following:

“We at Triangle are eager to partner with the Commonwealth Corporation and our invaluable collaborators to help youth and adults with disabilities thrive in careers in healthcare and hospitality. We are confident that the Metro North Partnership for Economic Improvement will equip individuals with the credentials required to establish successful career paths and enjoy more independent, dignified lives in their local communities.”

Secretary Joanne F. Goldstein said that $1.7 million of state funding will be allocated to helping more than 160 people with disabilities find employment in the Commonwealth.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a good job where they earn fair wages,” Goldstein said. “We are partnering with these particular organizations across the Commonwealth to ensure individuals with disabilities have the access and opportunity to workforce training and gain stable employment.”

The money from the grant will help underemployed or unemployed residents who are 18 or older and have a mental or physical disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act find jobs.

“The Patrick Administration is committed to the Community First principles of providing opportunities for individuals with all types of disabilities to live self-sufficiently in their communities,” said Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz. “By meaningfully engaging the business community and partnering with local companies, we can promote increased integration, improved wages and benefits, and greater independence for people with disabilities. This also provides the private sector with the benefits of a motivated and diversified workforce.”

Non-Profit Triangle Acquires $250,000 Grant to Help Disabled Persons Find Jobs by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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