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Wal-Mart Offers Health Insurance to Gay Employees

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Wal-mart offers health insurance to gay employeesWal-Mart, painted out to be the quintessential evil corporation by many eager critics, may not be so bad for all that, and job seekers don’t have to disdain the prospect of working their utterly. For instance, they have decided to offer benefits to same-sex couples across the board, all across the country, although this isn’t a federal requirement at this time. It will extend its coverage to domestic partners of full-time employees.

“Since we operate in all 50 states, we thought it was important to develop a single definition so we can ensure consistency for all our associates across the country,” said spokesman Randy Hargrove to the Los Angeles Times.

Not only that, but their premium increased the least in years, between 3 and 10 percent from last year. That itself suggests it is a possible opportunity for those searching for steady health insurance.

So how does Wal-Mart define a domestic union? The partners must “live together in an ongoing, exclusive, committed relationship similar to marriage,” and they “have to have been together at least 12 months and intend to continue sharing a household indefinitely.”

Such stipulations sound like they allow for wiggle room and the possibility for abuse, but no doubt the corporation knows what it is doing. Job-seekers might consider Wal-Mart as a place of employment, despite the picketing and complaints by many employees; despite the flak they get, they do offer opportunities to countless people.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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